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SIX -TEEN EDITION August 2023 Info

Cast : Thurs / Saturday Evening

Cast : Friday / Saturday Matinee

Production Details

Elods are excited to bring 'SIX -TEEN EDITION' to the Wyllyotts Theatre.
It is a global phenomenon and we are so exciting to have some of the most outstanding youth talent from all around the area in our cast.


Friday/Saturday Matinee

Catherine of Aragon: Lola Fallon
Anne Boleyn: Pippa Bloom
Jane Seymour: Izzy Sabourin
Anne of Cleves: Amelia White Lusende
Kathryn Howard: Lottie Mander
Catherine Parr: Grace Jackson
Ladies in Waiting: Zoe Joelson, Keira Wang, Molly Carpenter, Sophia Lynch

Thursday/ Saturday Evening

Catherine of Aragon: Claudia Lynch
Anne Boleyn: Maddie Stoughton 
Jane Seymour:
 Izzy Sabourin
Anne of Cleves:  Ayanna Nnando-Shillingford
Kathryn Howard: Elizabeth Brunton
Catherine Parr: Sophie Pollard
Ladies in Waiting:  Sophia Lynch, Jess Sparkes, Lily Halford, Pippa Bloom

Production team

Director: David Adams
Music Director: Mark Newport
Choreographer: David Adams
Assistant Director/Choreo: Jude Stoughton
Assistant Director/Choreo: Rosie Cennamo
Lighting Designer: Jack Chambers
Sound Design/Operator: 
Pete Donaghy
Stage Manager: 
Hannah Frost
Artwork Design: Roger Bunnage
Front of House Manager: 
Sandra Ashworth
MAD Photography
Set Construction: 
John Lynch & Mark Davis
Track Operator: Adrian Ramagge
Chaperone: Rachel Stoughton
Spot Operator: Mark Tobin

Queen Back-Up: Emily Kennedy Neal, David Adams,
Bethany Newport, Corinne Roberts,
Rosie Cennamo, Jude Stoughton

Queen Support: Fiona Corden, Lizzie Brannigan,
Niki Wolstennhome, Sarah Putz,
Francesca Moglia

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