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Elods are excited to bring Singin' in the Rain back to the Wyllyotts Theatre.
This magical production from the golden era features iconic songs such as Make 'em Laugh, Good Morning and of course the title track.


Don Lockwood: Haydn Boxall
Lina Lamont: Molly Wells
Cosmo Brown: Henry Martin
Kathy Selden: Jude Stoughton
RF Simpson: Stephen Milligan
Roscoe Dexter: Roger Bunnage
Zelda Zanders: Katie Passey
Rod: Nic Corden
Production Tenor: Adrian Ramagge
Director's assistant: Hannah Rourke
Sid Phillips: Richard Hutchinson
Dora Bailey: Fiona Corden
Villains: Mark Tobin & Nick Taylor
Cameos: Stef Carpenter
Broadway Girl: Maria Kleanthous 
Dancers: Rosie Cennamo ( Dance Captain);  Steve Berman; Zackary Anstee; Chloe Payne;
Lizzie Droy; Marian Lynch; Maria Kleanthous; Jemma Louise; Emma Bell; Nikki Sandford; Helen Wikeley; 
Francesca Moglia; Hannah Rourke; Fiona Corden; Mark Tobin; Nick Taylor; Stef Carpenter; 
Ensemble:  Les Gershman; Beth Newport; Louise Newport; Maddie Stoughton; Benjamin Weddell

Production team

Director: Paula Bland
Music Director: Mark Newport
Choreographer: David Adams
Stage Manager: Victoria Santamaria Cannaford
Assistant Stage Manager: Hannah Frost
Sound: Jacob Holmes
Lighting: John Castle
Filming Services:
Production Secretary: Greta Jenkins
Production Manager: Helen Wikeley
Wardrobe: Nic Corden
Props: John Stivey
Dance Captain: Rosie Cennamo
Artwork Design: Roger Bunnage
Theatre Programme: Sophie Shoults, David Adams
Front of House: Helen & Nick White

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